Superio E 15W40 CI-4 Plus

KOCL Superio‐E 15W‐40 CI‐4 Plus/SL is an API certified, premium commercial multipurpose diesel engine oil. It is formulated by using high grade base stocks blended with state of art additive packages to ensure that the oil adopts and protects under the full range of pressures and temperatures found in modern high speed engines.

SPECIFICATIONS: Meets API CI4 Plus, Cummins CES 20078, 77, 76, 71, MAN: M3275 - 1, Volvo: VDS 3, ACEA E5, E3

Pack Sizes: 0.5,1,5,6,7.5,10,20,55,210 Ltr

RECOMMENDATIONS: Superio E- 15W40 CI-4 Plus may be recommended for all kind of high-speed diesel engines in over-the-road, off-highway, contractor equipment and stationary service. It may be recommended for gasoline engines or gasoline engines without emission controls operating under extreme conditions.


a) Superior Sheer Stability:

  • High oil film strength for high temperature protection
  • Exceptional after shear viscosity retention helps protect your engine

b) Exceptional Soot Control:

Soot, a by‐product of diesel fuel combustion is in every engine, every year, make and model. And today’s tough operating conditions can produce and retain more soot than ever before. Leftunchecked, it can have a damaging impact on your engines — and your bottom line.

SUPERIO‐E provides exceptional protection against increased engine wear, sluggishness and shortened engine life — all costly effects of soot. Using SUPERIO‐E ensures you get the most from your equipment. It means better reliability, less downtime and increased productivity — all key factors in the success of your business. And that’s because SUPERIO‐E has been specifically formulated to disperse up to 2.2X more soot than the industry standard — clearly, the leader in soot control.

c) All Weather Protection:

SUPERIO‐E ensures protected in all‐weather conditions. In the harsh cold, SUPERIO‐E ensures excellent cold‐cranking and cold‐pumping properties. In extreme high temperature operations, SUPERIO‐E’s advanced shear stability formulation maintains its stay‐in‐grade performance

d) Extended Drain Interval:

  • Reduced Valve train wear & Piston deposit
  • Helps maintain engine power and fuel efficiency
  • Reduced Oxidation thickening ‐ maintains low temperature performance
  • Helps reduce engine corrosion particularly in idling equipment
  • Reduces the need of top‐up oil
  • Low ash formula helps prevent premature DPF plugging and shortened maintenance intervals
  • Minimizes soot related engine wear
  • Minimizes soot related viscosity increase, resulting in better maintenance of fuel economy and cold temperature performance and protection.

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